• A quick run using mostly the libraries from August 2010 but with slightly newer versions of OjAlgo and EJML
  • No native code was run since nothing had hard precompiled

Links to the results:

Test Environment

Date 2011/01
OS Linux 32bit
Kernel 2.6.32
CPU OMAP 3530 ARM Cortex-A8 - 720 MHz - 1 core
RAM 256 MB
CPU Cache  
JVM Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Client VM 1.6.0_21
Benchmark 0.8 pre
Libraries Version
Colt 1.2
Commons Math 2.1
EJML 0.15 pre
Jama 1.0.2
MTJ 0.9.12
OjAlgo 29.31
Parallel Colt 0.9.4
UJMP 0.2.5 with 3rd party

Pure Java Libraries

These results show the performance of libraries that have code written entirely in Java.

Java: Basic Operation Results

Java: Solving Linear Systems

Java: Matrix Decompositions