• Parallel colt was ommitted due to some difficulties in running it
  • Benchmark run by Anders Peterson

Links to the results:

Test Environment


Date 2015 / 07
OS Mac OS X 10.10.4 64-bit
CPU 2x2.26 Quad-Core Intel Xeon. 16-threads
RAM 12 G
CPU Cache 8 MB L3, 256kB L2, 32kB L1
JVM Oracle Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server 1.8.0_45
Benchmark 0.10
Libraries Version
Colt 1.2
Commons Math 3.5
EJML 0.27
Jama 1.0.3
JBlas 1.2.4
la4j 0.5.5
MTJ 1.0.3
OjAlgo 38.1
UJMP 0.2.5

Summary Results

The following results are a weighted sum across all operations within each matrix size. Operations which take longer will have more weight. If a library could not finish an operation then its score is set to zero.

__NOTE__ The weight is computed from the amount of time the fastest library takes to complete. Which is why the results change a bit from Java to Java + Native.

Pure Java Summary Results

Mixed Java and Native Summary Results

Pure Java Libraries

These results show the performance of libraries that have code written entirely in Java.

Java: Basic Operation Results

Java: Solving Linear Systems

Java: Matrix Decompositions

Mixed Java and Native Libraries

These results show the performance of libraries that either use pure Java or calls to native libraries.

Mixed: Basic Operation Results

Mixed: Solving Linear Systems

Mixed: Matrix Decompositions